Since our foundation 35 yrs on the theme of “ the form of heat “Antom will continue to provide various

kinds of heating equipment.

The representation is “ the soldering device “ reflow furnace

In response to advance in electronics and the latest heating demand, we repeat tests every day in the

“thermal control technology”

Increase, an apparatus is provided for more than 5,000 units to date, to support research and

development from the customer’s production

Currently, high-performance and high-temperature devices support clean energy saving smaller, and

the corresponding set (350℃)

We have been working hard to develop.

Understands the requirements of our customers, at a reasonable price, the devices that serve our

customers the best

We will continue to contribute to the innovation of thermal technology on the theme of “the form of

heat,” as well to provide.

We look forward to the warm support of everyone.

Toyoo Okamoto – Representative director president

Company overview

Trade name ANTOM CO.,LTD
Trade mark ANTOM
Established August 1 1976.

May 2003 changed name to Antom Co.Ltd

July 2012,renamed as Antom
Office 893-1, Kawamukou-chou, Tsuduki-ku, Yokohama

city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan
TEL 81-45-476-3461
FAX 81-45-476-3475
Capital 10000000Yen
Employee 50 person
Bank Johnan credit bank branch of Nakamachidai

Bank of Yokohama Head Office

Central bank for commercial and industrial

cooperative branch of Yokohama Nishiguchi
CEO Toyoo Okamoto
Products Curing and annealing furnaces, precision small

and discrete devices reflow reflow equipment

Sales & Service region

Reflow equipment and the heating device of ANTOM
which play an active part in the world

Sales & Service region